Fundamentals of Radiation Materials Science Metals and Alloys

Fundamentals of Radiation Materials Science: Metals and Alloys by Gary S. Was
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1493934368 | 1002 pages | EPUB | 15 MB

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Al-Si Alloys Automotive, Aeronautical, and Aerospace Applications

Al-Si Alloys: Automotive, Aeronautical, and Aerospace Applications by Francisco C. Robles-Hernandez, Jose Martin Herrera Ramirez, Robert Mackay
English | July 4th, 2017 | ISBN: 3319583794, 9783319583808, 9783319583792 | 237 pages | EPUB | 11.02 MB
This book details aluminum alloys with special focus on the aluminum silicon (Al?Si) systems - that are the most abundant alloys second only to steel. The authors include a description of the manufacturing principles, thermodynamics, and other main characteristics of Al?Si alloys. Principles of processing, testing, and in particular applications in the Automotive, Aeronautical and Aerospace fields are addressed.

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Shape Memory Alloys
Shape Memory Alloys by M. Fremond
English | June 30, 1996 | ISBN: 3211828044 | 152 Pages | PDF | 8 MB
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