Lie Algebras and Algebraic Groups

Lie Algebras and Algebraic Groups by Patrice Tauvel
English | PDF | 2005 | 650 Pages | ISBN : 3540241701 | 6.09 MB
The theory of Lie algebras and algebraic groups has been an area of active research in the last 50 years. It intervenes in many different areas of mathematics: for example invariant theory, Poisson geometry, harmonic analysis, mathematical physics. The aim of this book is to assemble in a single volume the algebraic aspects of the theory so as to present the foundation of the theory in characteristic zero. Detailed proofs are included and some recent results are discussed in the last chapters. All the prerequisites on commutative algebra and algebraic geometry are included.

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A Course in Commutative Banach Algebras

Eberhard Kaniuth, "A Course in Commutative Banach Algebras"
2008 | pages: 362 | ISBN: 0387724753 | PDF | 3,0 mb

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Advances in Geometry and Lie Algebras from Supergravity

Pietro Fre, "Advances in Geometry and Lie Algebras from Supergravity"
English | 31 Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 3319744909 | 556 Pages | EPUB | 12 MB

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Probability on Real Lie Algebras
Probability on Real Lie Algebras
Cambridge | English | 2016 | ISBN-10: 110712865X | 302 pages | PDF | 1.46 mb
by Uwe Franz (Author),‎ Nicolas Privault (Author)
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Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories

NicolA?s Andruskiewitsch, Juan Cuadra, Blas Torrecillas, Juan Cuadra, Blas Torrecillas, Nicolas Andruskiewitsch, "Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories"
English | ISBN: 0821875647 | 2013 | 346 pages | PDF | 3 MB

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Advanced Topics in Relation Algebras Relation Algebras, Volume 2

Advanced Topics in Relation Algebras: Relation Algebras, Volume 2 By Steven Givant
English | PDF | 2017 | 621 Pages | ISBN : 3319659448 | 6.22 MB
The second volume of a pair that charts relation algebras from novice to expert level, this text brings the well-grounded reader to the frontiers of research. Building on the foundations established in the preceding Introduction to Relation Algebras, this volume advances the reader into the deeper mathematical results of the past few decades. Such material offers an ideal preparation for research in relation algebras and Boolean algebras with operators.

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Simple Lie Algebras over Fields of Positive Characteristic. Volume I. Structure Theory, 2 edition

Simple Lie Algebras over Fields of Positive Characteristic. Volume I. Structure Theory, 2 edition (de Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics) by Helmut Strade
English | 2017 | ISBN: 3110515164 | 548 pages | PDF | 2,5 MB

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Topology, C-algebras, and String Duality

Jonathan Rosenberg, "Topology, C*-algebras, and String Duality"
English | ISBN: 0821849220 | 2009 | 110 pages | PDF scan | 11 MB

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Quantum Group Symmetry and Q-Tensor Algebras

L. C. Biedenharn, M. A. Lohe, "Quantum Group Symmetry and Q-Tensor Algebras"
1995 | pages: 303 | ISBN: 9810223315 | DJVU | 6 mb

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